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Normally whatever kind of assistance regarding the Intellectual Property involves technical as well as legal aspects; our aim is to help our clients in trying and reaching the result they are interested in.
We are seeking the best result at the lowest possible cost, by advising clients in streamlining the relevant expenditures.

•We assist clients in the negotiations for drafting contracts and generally speaking in protecting their rights and interests;
our activity is → direct as far as:
• extra-judicial disputes,
• in the disputes before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office.
• in the proceedings before The Istituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria / Italy’s Advertising Standards Authority;
• however we normally prefer to assist the law firms chosen by the clients as far as proceedings before the Italian Courts;
• as for any administrative and/or judicial proceedings before foreign Authorities, we coordinate the activity of our local colleagues.